What is MCPueblo?

MCPueblo is a whitelisted survival 1.16.2 Java Minecraft server whose primary focus is in bringing a feature-rich gameplay that expands on what vanilla brings and nothing more. The name "MCPueblo" translates to "Minecraft Village" from Spanish. Our server is centered around the community, as we run monthly polls to vote on new features, occasionally host events, and work together on large projects like the spawn. We require you to fill an application to ensure that our community remains mature, active, and well-behaved; so you won't need to worry about griefers or cheaters.

What makes us special?

Custom recipes

We have a wide variety of custom recipes, some taken from vanillatweaks.net, others made specifically for MCPueblo.

Unique Enchants

Over 20 new custom enchants can be found on MCPueblo, which work just like vanilla enchants.

Underground Structures

Dozens of new underground structures can be found; including boulders, pillars, buildings, loot, and even traps.

Online map

Also known as Dynmap, there is an online map available to view where players are and see how your builds look from above.

Discord Integration

Everything including nicknames and roles are synced, in-game chat is mirrored to a channel, and the whitelist is handled entirely on Discord with a custom bot.

Creative World

A flat creative world can be accessed using the command /creative for experimenting with your builds.

Instant Leaf Decay

Once all logs of a tree are chopped off, the leaves will instantly decay on their own.

Armor Stand Editor

With a book obtained at spawn, you can customize armor stands in every way possible.

What are our rules?

  • Maturity is important on MCPueblo. We do not tolerate heated arguments (especially around politics), hate speech, rudeness, or excessive swearing (some swearing is fine).
  • Do not send inappropriate messages, links, or images anywhere.
  • By everyone, I mean everyone. Other members, friends, enemies, and staff are to be respected equally.
  • Advertising another server than isn't MCPueblo will get you banned immediately.
  • Do not spam any message repeatedly in a short period of time.
  • Please try to only speak English and Spanish in public chats, keep discussions in other languages in PMs if there are other people that can’t speak the same language online.
  • Remain active at least once a week, or we will message you asking why you have been inactive.
  • Ignoring this message, or staying inactive for more than a month will lead to getting kicked.
  • You can always return by joining the Discord again and refilling the whitelist form.
  • Please, do not grief or steal under any circumstances. If you need something, ask our members instead.
  • Pranks are allowed but please nothing that can cause destruction of terrain or death.
  • The staff has the ability to rollback griefs and reverse thefts immediately.
  • Cheating mods/clients, x-ray packs, and abusing glitches are all strictly disallowed.
  • Basic mods such as Optifine (including shaders), minimaps, inventory organizers, and some HUD modifications are allowed.
  • If you're unsure if a mod you want to use is allowed, just ask our staff.
  • Try to build at least 300 blocks away from other player structures unless given permission, especially away from spawn.
  • Don’t create highly intensive farms that can cause the server performance (TPS) to drop.
  • Follow instructions told by others. (e.g. a sign telling you how to pay in a shop, or someone asking you to leave a specific location.)

Meet our staff


Founder and owner of MCPueblo
Also known as the "Alcalde".


Chief moderator of MCPueblo
Hi, i'm Wolf, i- darn, I need to go, Tuck took my money again.


Chief moderator of MCPueblo
A busy bee.


Moderator of MCPueblo
Need a hand? Happy to help!


Moderator of MCPueblo
Minecrafting since Beta 1.5


Helper of MCPueblo
I'll answer right away.


Helper of MCPueblo
Not sure what he's doing, but trying his best!

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