What is MCPueblo?

MCPueblo is a whitelisted survival 1.15.2 Java Minecraft server with a small dedicated community. MCPueblo translated means "Minecraft Village". The main goal of our server is to provide you with a feature-rich in-game experience, while not straying far from the core vanilla gameplay. Our server is community-focused, with monthly votes on new suggestions, and community builds such as the spawn town.

What makes us special?

Custom recipes

We have implemented a wide variety of custom recipes to make our lives easier. The full list of custom recipes can always be found right here.

Smooth sleep

We have a well-designed system where the more members sleep, the quicker night passes.

Online map

Also known as Dynmap, this helpful map lets you see where players or bases are located, or where to live in the world. The link to the map is map.mcpueblo.net

Creative world

This world is made for the purpose of testing builds and redstone prototypes. It is a superflat world with creative mode. To get to the world simply type /creative, and to get back exactly where you came from type /back in the creative world.

Instant leaf decay

When all logs inside a tree has been chopped down, all the surrounding leaves will break instantly, meaning no more waiting for it to decay.


This feature lets you chat to or from MCPueblo's Discord server, so you never miss out on anything that may happen only in-game.

What are our rules?

  • Be mature - Please do not troll people, don't talk about sensitive topics like politics or drugs, and avoid excessive swearing. Inmature arguments, attitudes or behavior will not be tolerated at all.
  • No spamming or advertising - Advertising another server than isn't MCPueblo will get you banned. Don't spam any form of text, as we want a clean chat.
  • Stay active - Remain active at least once a week, or we will message you asking why you have been inactive. Ignoring this message, or staying inactive for more than a month will lead to getting kicked.
  • Do not grief or steal - Never, ever, grief or steal anything, not even as a joke. This also applies to natural terrain. If you decide to go against this rule, we have plugins to track every item taken and every block broken/placed by any player.
  • No cheating or hacking - Hacked clients, x-ray packs, cheat mods, glitches, and duping bugs are all disallowed. Basic mods such as Optifine, minimaps, inventory organizers are allowed.

Ready to apply for MCPueblo?