Puebleño Color Guide

This guide will teach you how to change your username's color and formatting using color codes and the /nick command.
You need the Puebleño rank in order to use this command, obtainable by purchasing it at store.mcpueblo.net

Please use this guide to get the appropiate color or formatting codes for your username before continuing.

  • To change only the color of the whole username, you would do "/nick &{colorcode}[username]"

    Example: "/nick &9JuanDelPueblo" would get you a light blue username.

  • To add formatting codes and color codes, add it after the color codes

    Example: "/nick &9&lJuanDelPueblo" would get you a light blue and bold username.

  • To add multiple colors and/or formatting codes to your name, you add it before each part you want to color your username.

    Example: "/nick &c&lJuan&fDel&c&lPueblo" would get you the first and last words light red and bold, and the middle world pure white.

  • To have a rainbow username, replace each letter below with your username in order:

    Example: "/nick &4{letter1}&c{letter2}&6{letter3}&e{letter4}&2{letter5}&a{letter6}&b{letter7}&3{letter8}&1{letter9}&9{letter10}&d{letter11}&5{letter12}&f{letter13}"