PuebleƱo Color Guide

This guide will teach you how to change your username's color and formatting using color codes and the /nick command

Please use this guide to get the appropiate color or formatting codes for your username before continuing.

  • To change only the color of the whole username, you would do "/nick &{colorcode}[username]"

    Example: "/nick &9JuanDelPueblo" would get you a light blue username.

  • To add formatting codes and color codes, add it after the color codes

    Example: "/nick &9&lJuanDelPueblo" would get you a light blue and bold username.

  • To add multiple colors and/or formatting codes to your name, you add it before each part you want to color your username.

    Example: "/nick &c&lJuan&fDel&c&lPueblo" would get you the first and last words light red and bold, and the middle world pure white.

  • To have a rainbow username, replace each letter below with your username in order:

    Example: "/nick &4{letter1}&c{letter2}&6{letter3}&e{letter4}&2{letter5}&a{letter6}&b{letter7}&3{letter8}&1{letter9}&9{letter10}&d{letter11}&5{letter12}&f{letter13}"