Explore all of MCPueblo's unique features


  • Custom Recipes - We have a wide variety of custom recipes, some taken from vanillatweaks.net, others made specifically for MCPueblo. Full list of recipes.
  • Unique Enchants - Over 20 new custom enchants can be found on MCPueblo, which work just like vanilla enchants. Full list of enchants.
  • Underground Structures - Dozens of new underground structures can be found; including boulders, pillars, buildings, loot, and even traps.
  • Creative World - A flat creative world can be accessed using the command /creative for experimenting with your builds. WorldEdit is available for use as well.
  • Online Map - Also known as Dynmap, there is an online map available at mcpueblo.net/map to view where players are and see how your builds look from above.
  • Discord Integration - We have some of the deepest integration with Discord available. Everything including nicknames and roles are synced, in-game chat is mirrored to a channel, and the whitelist is handled entirely on Discord with a custom bot.
  • More Mob Heads - All mobs will rarely drop their own head, so start collecting them!
  • End regen - Chest loot and shulkers will respawn over time.
  • Enderdragon Drops - The enderdragon will drop an elytra and dragon egg on death.
  • Double Shulker Drop - Shulkers will drop double the shells.
  • Death Location Announcement - After you die, the coordinates of your death location will be sent to you directly.
  • Armor Stand Editor - With a book obtained at spawn, you can customize armor stands in every way possible.
  • Fast Leaf Decay - Once all logs of a tree are chopped off, the leaves will instantly decay on their own.
  • Silence Mobs - Name any noisy mobs "silence me", and they will immediately become silent.
  • Variable View Distance - Depending on the server performance, view distance can vary from 8 chunks all the way up to 24 chunks.
  • Smooth Sleep - The server has a sleep function where the more players sleep, the faster night goes.
  • Silk Spawners - You can mine spawners with a silk touch Netherite pickaxe, then place it anywhere you want.
  • Improved Shulker Boxes - View contents of your shulker box on your hotbar with a simple right-click.


Name Max Level Description Applies to
Criticals III Do more critical damage Swords/Axes
Dexterous II Faster attack speed Swords/Axes
Evasion III Chance to ignore damage Armor
Farmhand II Till multiple blocks at once Hoes
First Strike V Do more damage when enemy is on max health Swords
Curse of Fragility V Opposite of unbreaking All
Curse of Calling III Nearby mobs are automatically angered Armor
Curse of Permanence I Cannot modify item in an anvil All
Leeching III Gain health proportional to damage Swords/Axes
Necrotic II Higher chance of getting wither heads Swords
Slicing V Damage mobs/players you fly through Elytra
Reinforcement IV A weaker form of the Protection enchant for elytras. Elytra
Stray Aspect III Give your enemy slowness and mining fatigue Swords
Replenish I Automatically replants crops Hoes
Tectonic II Damage nearby entities when you take fall damage Boots
Wisdom III Get more experience Tools
Splash III Damage entities near where the trident landed Tridents
Laceration III Damage armor more Swords/Axes
Extinguishing III When lit on fire, you get put out faster Armor
Grit III Damages your opponents weapon Armor
Cerebral V Headshots do more damage Bows/Crossbows
Defusion V Do more damage to creepers Swords/Axes
Spearfishing IV Tridenting water has a small chance of getting fish Tridents
Magnetic IV Items and XP go towards you Boots


[] = Optional
<> = Mandatory

  • /afk - Toggle if you're away from keyboard or not.
  • /back - Can only be used in the creative world. Takes you back to your last location in the survival world.
  • /book - Edit books after signing.
  • /buyhomes - You can purchase up to three homes to set with /sethome. The first home is worth 8 diamonds, the second home is worth 16 diamonds, and the third home is worth 6 netherite ingots.
  • //calc <math expresion> - Do simple mathematic calculations in-game.
  • /creative - Takes you to the creative world.
  • /heads - Purchase heads for the price of 6 iron ingots each.
  • /home <home> - Takes you to your own home.
  • /linked - Check which Discord account you are linked to.
  • /list - Show all online members.
  • /mail <send/read/clear> [username] [content to send] - Sends a mail to any user, even if offline. Read with read, clear with clear.
  • /me <action> - Express your actions or emotions
  • /msg <username> <message> - Messages a member.
  • /ping - Pong!
  • /portalcalc [overworld/nether] [x] [y] [z] - Calculates the location of portals in both dimensions automatically.
  • /ptime <time> - Can only be used on the creative world. Sets a personal time of day for yourself.
  • /pweather <weather> - Can only be used on the creative world. Sets the weather for yourself.
  • /realname <username> - Displays the real username of a nicknamed member. (Want to nickname yourself? Get Puebleño)
  • /reply - Reply to the last sent message.
  • /report <bug/player> [player] <reason> - Report a bug or player directly to the staff team. This will be sent over to Discord for the staff to view.
  • /rules - View the rules in-game.
  • /seen <username> - See how long has a member been online/offline for.
  • /sethome <home> - Once you have bought a home with /buyhomes, you can set one home anywhere. You can set a home with a bed if you cannot afford the extra homes.
  • /spawn - Takes you to spawn.
  • /msgtoggle - Toggles whenever members can send a PM to you or not.
  • /warnings - Check your own warnings

Technical Info