Discover each feature and command found in MCPueblo.


  • Custom armor stands - Inside the spawn castle, you can obtain an armor stand book, which allows you to customize armor stands to their fullest extent.
  • Custom recipes - More details here
  • DiscordSRV - The #in-game channel within the Discord group shows the in-game server chat at all times, while allowing you to speak to in-game members from Discord and viceversa.
  • Elytra drop - When you kill the ender dragon, an elytra is always dropped. This provides two alternative ways of obtaining elytras, whenever you prefer exploring the end ships or killing the ender dragon.
  • Double shulker drop - Shulkers will drop double their amount of shulker shells.
  • Outer End Islands reset - Once a month, the outer end islands will reset to "restock" end cities and keep their loot always available, especially to members who prefer to hunt on their own.
  • Instant leaf decay - When all logs inside a tree has been chopped down, every single leaves surrounding the tree will decay instanstly, while dropping the same.
  • More mob heads datapack - All mobs now have a rare chance of dropping their own heads, fun to collect.
  • Smooth sleep - We have a well-designed system where the more members sleep, the quicker night passes.
  • World border - We have a world border that is 20k blocks wide from edge to edge.
  • Online Map - Also known as Dynmap, this helpful map lets you see where players or bases are located, or where to live in the world.
  • Creative world - This world is made for the purpose of testing builds and redstone prototypes. It is a superflat world with creative mode. To teleport to the world simply type /creative, and to get back exactly where you came from type /back in the creative world. WorldEdit commands are also supported in this world.
  • No Phantoms - Due to their conflict with the smooth sleep feature, phantoms have been disabled. There is a custom recipe for phantom membrane however.
  • Extreme view distance - Using a special plugin, players can have up to 16 chunks of view distance without dropping the server performance at all. Other servers may do 10 or less.


  • /afk - Marks you as away from keyboard.
  • /delhome - Deletes a home you've previously made.
  • /help - Shows all commands in MCPueblo.
  • /home - Teleports you to your homes.
  • /list - Shows all members online at the time.
  • /mail - Can send and receive in-game mail, even when offline.
  • /me - "JuanDelPueblo is showing how this command would work"
  • /msg - Messages other online members in-game.
  • /ping - Try it!
  • /calc - Do calculations within the game.
  • /realname - Shows the real name of a nicknamed member.
  • /rules - Displays the server rules.
  • /seen - Shows for how long a member has been online or offline.
  • /sethome - Permits you to set a total of 4 homes.
  • /spawn - Takes you to the spawn.
  • /creative - Sends you to the creative world.
  • /portalcalc - Calculates the position of nether portals in the overworld and nether.
  • /skull - Using the player head custom recipe, you can create your own heads with any username. This also works on mob heads.
  • /heads - Access additional, unique HD heads from a GUI.

Technical Info