Learn our rules and how we punish for breaking them

General Rules

Also remember, use common sense!

  1. Respect everyone (Be mature)
    • Maturity is important on MCPueblo. We do not tolerate heated arguments (especially around politics), hate speech, rudeness, or excessive swearing (some swearing is fine).
    • Do not send inappropriate messages, links, or images anywhere.
    • By everyone, I mean everyone. Other members, friends, enemies, and staff are to be respected equally.
    • Punishment: A warning for first offense; temporary mute for second offense; a ban for continued offenses
  2. Keep chat clean
    • Advertising another server than isn't MCPueblo will get you banned immediately.
    • Do not spam any message repeatedly in a short period of time.
    • Please try to only speak English and Spanish in public chats, keep discussions in other languages in PMs if there are other people that can’t speak the same language online.
    • Punishment: A warning for first offense, temporary mute for second offense; a ban for continued offenses
  3. Stay active
    • It is expected that you remain active at least once a week, and to inform the staff if you are to be inactive for longer than a week.
    • Every two weeks an inactivity check is done by the owner, and if you have been inactive for a month you will be removed from the whitelist immediately without prior warning.
    • You can always return by joining the Discord again and refilling the whitelist form.
  4. Do not grief or steal
    • Please, do not grief or steal under any circumstances. If you need something, ask our members instead.
    • Pranks are allowed but please nothing that can cause destruction of terrain or death.
    • The staff has the ability to rollback griefs and reverse thefts immediately.
    • Punishment: Temporary ban for first offense, permanent ban for continued offenses
  5. No cheating, exploiting or hacking
    • Cheating mods/clients, x-ray packs, and abusing glitches are all strictly disallowed.
    • Basic mods such as Optifine (including shaders), minimaps, inventory organizers, and some HUD modifications are allowed.
    • If you're unsure if a mod you want to use is allowed, just ask our staff.
    • Punishment: Temporary ban for first offense, permanent ban for continued offenses
  6. Be considerate of the server and others
    • Try to build at least 300 blocks away from other player structures unless given permission, especially away from spawn.
    • Keep entities under control to prevent performance drops. (e.g. light up your homes, don't build heavy farms, don't AFK during high amounts of activity)
    • Follow instructions told by others. (e.g. a sign telling you how to pay in a shop, or someone asking you to leave a specific location.)
    • Punishment: A warning per each offense

Discord Rules

The first three general rules apply in Discord, but below are the Discord-specific rules:

  1. Chat in the correct channels - Don't send screenshots in #general, or talk about woodworking in #other-games.
  2. Utilize spoiler tags when appropriate - Batman dies in Harry Potter because of Obama.
  3. No inappropriate status - If you are spotted with one, you will be contacted immediately. Not removing it quickly or breaking this rule twice will be punished.
  4. Keep your nickname as your Minecraft username - It must match exactly the same. The whitelist bot will set one for you, and the Discord link feature will always keep it in sync.
  5. Ping staff only when needed - You may only ping staff for when a member is breaking rules or if you need an important question answered.

Punishment & Appeal

We utilize the following forms of punishment when needed:

  • Warnings
  • Mute
  • Kick
  • Temporary ban
  • Permanent ban

Each rule has their own punishment type depending on the number of offenses, but they may change depending on the severity of the rule violation. Warnings expire after 3 months and if you receive 2 warnings, you will be banned for a day, and the 3rd warning will be an permanent ban. All bans/mutes/warnings/kicks can be found publicly at

If you wish to appeal after a permanent ban, at least 1 month of time after the ban must have passed. Once that time has passed, you may fill the appeal form located here, but remember you are not guaranteed to be unbanned. You can try once every 3 month if that appeal was rejected or ignored.