The rules to follow for MCPueblo.

These are the server rules which you have to follow, else you may get banned. All rules have a 3-strike system, meaning that if you break any rule 3 times, you will be banned from MCPueblo. We reserve the right to unwhitelist or ban anybody who doesn't meet our standards for a MCPueblo member. Last updated April 17th, 2020.

  1. Respect everyone (Be mature)
    • Maturity is important on MCPueblo. Please do not get into heated arguments (especially around politics), use hate speech, be rude to others, or swear excessively (some swearing is fine).
    • Do not post inappropriate links or images, especially on Discord.
    • By everyone, I mean everyone. Other members, friends, enemies, and staff are to be respected equally.
  2. Keep a clean chat
    • Advertising another server than isn't MCPueblo will get you banned immediately.
    • Do not spam messages repeatedly in a short time, especially when combined with colors or inappropriate words.
    • Please try to only speak English and Spanish in public chats, keep discussions in other languages in PMs if there are other people that can’t speak the same language online.
  3. Stay active
    • Remain active at least once a week, or we will message you asking why you have been inactive.
    • Ignoring this message, or staying inactive for more than a month will lead to getting kicked.
    • You can always return by joining the Discord again and refilling the whitelist form.
  4. Do not grief or steal
    • Never, ever, grief or steal anything, not people, not nature, not even as a joke.
    • If you decide to go against this rule, we have plugins to track every item taken and every block broken/placed by any player.
    • Do not build inappropriate structures either.
  5. No cheating, exploiting or hacking
    • Cheating mods/clients, x-ray packs, glitches, and duping bugs, with the exception of TNT duping, are all illegal.
    • Basic mods such as Optifine (including shaders), minimaps, inventory organizers, and some HUD modifications are allowed.
    • If you're unsure if a mod you want to use is allowed, just ask our staff.
  6. Be considerate of the server and others
    • Try to build at least 500 blocks away from other player structures unless given permission, especially away from spawn. (There is a 500 block radius around spawn on the online map)
    • Don’t create highly intensive farms that can cause the server performance (TPS) to drop.
    • Follow instructions told by others. (e.g. a sign telling you how to pay in a shop, or someone asking you to leave a specific location.)